Pre-pregnancy / Fertility

It is not uncommon to not fall pregnant in the first few months of trying and it is equally not uncommon to be nervous about the time taken to fall pregnant and if any specific investigations or treatments should be arranged. Many women want to discuss this with a specialist without necessarily facing the prospect of considering more advanced treatments like IVF.

It is always wise to seek help early, even if just for reassurance and Dr Cade encourages a general consultation and check-up before embarking on the journey of pregnancy.

Services offered may include:

  • Full pre-pregnancy health assessment including supplements
  • Assessment of ovarian reserve and function
  • Assessment of fallopian tube function
  • Blood tests for general and specific pregnancy health
  • Assessment of male sperm function
  • Discussion about investigations or procedures if required

Dr Cade is a specialist gynaecologist with advanced training in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery at the Royal Women’s and Epworth Freemasons Hospital. He is experienced in investigating fertility and instigating basic treatments before referral to an IVF specialist is required. If this is needed, he has contacts with specific doctors and can arrange for prompt review.


Any out of pocket costs for pre-pregnancy or fertility consultations or investigations with Dr Cade are fully deductible against future pregnancy care costs with his practice.