Practice Information

Dr Cade’s rooms are located at Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital Suite 101 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.

These rooms are shared with Dr Len Kliman, who is Dr Cade’s original and most significant mentor, and incidentally responsible for Dr Cade choosing obstetrics as a career.

Dr Cade is on-call for your birth unless physically away. Weekend cover is shared with Drs Lionel Steinberg, Guy Skinner, David O’Callaghan, Nicholas Yule and Megan di Quinzio. Dr Cade will often stay on-call for his own patients over the weekend unless away.


Bridget is the Practice Manager, overseeing the entire practice. Bridget is highly experienced and has worked with Dr Cade since 2014.


Lousie (Lou) is the Practice Midwife. Lou is a highly experienced midwife who has worked with Dr Len Kliman for years and now also works with Dr Cade’s practice. Lou provides 1-1 appointments for patients to discuss pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding, recovery and other questions or concerns  patients may have pre and post natal.

Why choose private over public care?

The main reason to choose a private obstetrician is to guarantee a specialist is in attendance at your birth and to have your choice of which person this is. Australia is very lucky to have a comprehensive public health system that is fully government funded and overall health outcomes are very good. However, the system is reliant on trainee doctors (interns, residents and registrars) providing the bulk of the care under supervision from specialists (in person or by telephone). You are unlikely to know, in a public hospital, who will be present at the birth of your baby until it happens nor if your immediate care will be led by midwives, junior doctors, senior doctors or a combination.

Choosing a private obstetrician allows you to have that choice of person and to develop a rapport and relationship. If an emergency decision is required during labour or birth, you have the confidence it is being made by a fully qualified specialist and someone you have met and known for a long period of time. It also means you have the security of phoning someone with questions about your pregnancy that are not necessarily emergencies.

If you would like to have an appointment to simply discuss the pros and cons of private care, please call the rooms.

Practice Information