Dr Cade is a specialist gynaecologist with advanced training in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and has previously worked as a Pelvic Floor Surgeon at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Common problems reviewed are poorly healed or unsatisfactory obstetric repairs, prolapse or incontinence, pelvic pain and infertility.

Dissatisfaction with either the feel or look of the vagina or perineum after having children is one of the most frequent presentations: it should not be a cause of embarrassment and is best reviewed as soon as possible. A simple surgical day-case procedure with fine dissolving stitches may be preferable to some in-rooms treatments that have substantial out-of-pocket costs. The practice has cared for women simply for an opinion or for surgery, and from as nearby as local public hospitals and as far away as Hong Kong.

Keyhole surgery is offered for women with infertility, pelvic pain, or ovarian cysts. This is performed at Epworth Freemasons East Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital Fitzroy. The practice also cares for women during the menopause with problems such as hot flushes and those interested in hormone replacement therapy.