Dr Thomas (Tom) Cade

Melbourne-Based Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Thomas (Tom) Cade

Dr Tom Cade is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in private practice at St Vincent’s and Epworth Freemasons Private Hospitals in Melbourne. He is currently the Head of Diabetes at the Royal Women’s Hospital. His obstetric area of practice encompasses everything from the most uncomplicated vaginal delivery through to a particular interest in diabetes, specifically the management of those with pre-existing diabetes or who have had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy. He received a RANZCOG Scholarship and Melbourne University Fellowship for his work in the management of gestational diabetes and has been awarded a doctorate for his thesis on this topic. Dr Tom Cade is able to provide specialist guidance for more difficult and complex pregnancies such as twins or previous caesarean section, having worked previously in the Multiple Pregnancy Clinic at the Royal Women’s Hospital and currently with the department of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Fetal Medicine Unit.

Dr Cade undertook advanced training in gynaecological (particularly laparoscopic) surgery at the Royal Women’s and Freemason’s hospital and has been a Pelvic Floor Surgeon at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Dr Cade most commonly operates laparoscopically for pain, infertility or ovarian pathology and has an interest in the surgical management of prolapse or poorly healed obstetric repairs. Referrals to sub-specialists are organised where appropriate.

A Melbourne CBD clinic providing broad spectrum support

Whether you are considering pre-pregnancy consultation or fertility consultations further into your pregnancy, Dr Cade is here to provide support.

With different circumstances requiring the need for certain facilities, Dr Cade is able to deliver at several of Melbourne’s most respected hospitals. Dr Cade delivers at St Vincent’s and Epworth Freemasons private hospitals, and in the event of emergency transfer he is also accredited at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Frances Perry House. These hospitals, in addition to being conveniently located near the CBD, have excellent reputations as being maternity-centric, ensuring that the needs determined by your pregnancy are met in the most comprehensive way possible.

Dr Cade has numerous ongoing research interests, is a reviewer for several international journals, has a position as a Senior Lecturer and Examiner at the University of Melbourne and RANZCOG. To learn more about any of the gynaecology or obstetric services performed by Dr Cade, or to arrange an appointment, contact our office today.

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