Dr Cade is a specialist obstetrician in solo private practice and will be available to deliver your baby unless physically away.

He believes strongly in women’s informed choices around the birth of their baby: if labour and vaginal delivery is a high priority then every effort is made to achieve this including with twins, after previous caesarean section (including two) and avoiding unnecessary inductions of labour. However, if caesarean section is desired, this choice is very reasonable and always respected.

Many women are fearful of tearing or episiotomy during vaginal delivery and the potential for future problems (including pain, prolapse or incontinence). Dr Cade is a specialist gynaecologist within the Pelvic Floor Unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital and operates regularly on women with these issues or who have had poor results from previous deliveries. Every repair after delivery is treated with the utmost care and with the same attention to detail as if it were a procedure within an operating theatre.

Holiday arrangements are discussed well in advance and are with a small group of skilled obstetricians who practice similarly. These are Drs Guy Skinner, Lionel Steinberg, David O Callaghan, Nicholas Yule or Megan Di Quinzio.